Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway answer my listener question on Pivot

On May 31, 2022 I sent in this listener question:

Hi Kara and Scott,

My name is Jeremy, I’m a product designer in Brooklyn. 

You often talk about how Facebook is not an innovative company, which I agree with. My question to you both is, why aren’t they?

They clearly throw boatloads of money around for smart people. I work in tech and personally know a few folks who either work there now or in the past, who are all bright, creative, and driven people – so I can’t imagine lack of talent is the problem. Why does Facebook tend to fail at creating innovative products despite access to the same capital and talent, whereas companies like Apple and Amazon often succeed?

Love the show!



And on June 3rd, they answered! The full episode is definitely worth checking out, and the answer begins at 47:15.

And then this: