This site is now part of the Fediverse!

(image by MidJourney) Using the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress, I am (in theory) connected to the Fediverse. All posts should now appear if you follow @Jeremy from your Fediverse (Mastadon, etc) instance! If you’re new to the Fediverse, here’s a quick synopsis from ChatGPT: “The Fediverse is a network of decentralized social media platforms that… Continue reading

Bring Back Web Rings

It’s hard to waste time on the internet if you aren’t on the social platforms. Not to get all Andy Rooney here, but I miss web rings. It was such a compelling way to dive down a rabbit hole on some random topic. It was always super exciting to seeing those shared navigation bars with… Continue reading

For cryptocurrency to live, the wallet address must die

Behold three actual, real-life cryptocurrency wallet addresses: EeNpwvEedJeHjBNFk5xPqYGViS6M4iqbey LQ1Xx6Phn2i3iFhhzb8o9ifD3AyXkAJPnw SWx6vLKMD9SSynZ8DAzoutZEVux1K4p7eE Now, having looked at these for a minute; tell me literally anything about them. Do you know what currency these are for? Or what blockchain? Who they belong to? In today’s cryptocurrency landscape, when sending assets to another wallet—be it a person or a business—there… Continue reading