This site is now part of the Fediverse!

(image by MidJourney)

Using the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress, I am (in theory) connected to the Fediverse. All posts should now appear if you follow @[email protected] from your Fediverse (Mastadon, etc) instance!

If you’re new to the Fediverse, here’s a quick synopsis from ChatGPT:

“The Fediverse is a network of decentralized social media platforms that operate on a shared set of protocols and standards, allowing users to interact with each other across different platforms. Users can create accounts on different Fediverse platforms, follow other users, and share content such as text, images, and videos. Some of the most popular platforms in the Fediverse include Mastodon, Diaspora, and PeerTube. The Fediverse promotes freedom of expression, privacy, and user control, as it is not controlled by any single entity or corporation.”