Google Glass – Language Explorer

  • Client: Google
  • Agency: Big Spaceship
  • Late 2014

I was super pumped about this one. Google came to Big Spaceship right before they were intending to launch the 2nd generation Google Glass. They had worked with Ray-Ban and Warby Parker on the next generation of devices, integrating the glass functionality into existing fashionable frames.

We were chosen to design and develop 2 apps that were going to ship natively on the device. We chose 2 concepts, a voice activated burst mode camera app, and a real time language translator. We designed and built it on top of their translation API, and it worked! It felt like the future.

Unfortunately for us, Google killed the consumer release of the 2nd generation Glass before it could go to market. Here is the flow we created for the Translation app.

Google Glass Real Time Translator Flow

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